Thursday, May 31, 2007

May 31st Update

Tyler is still visiting the Children’s. It has now been 16 days since he checked-in to the hospital and we are truly hoping that he will be discharged soon. He is still not speaking, and is very reluctant to eat as it must be painful, and the taste of food is distorted due to the effects of chemotherapy. He is participating in the many in-room activities that the hospital organizes, such as music therapy and physiotherapy. Although he seems to be getting bored and is surely frustrated with his predicament, Mark and Nanny are able to coax some small smiles from him from time to time, but even for Tyler to move the muscles that form a small smile must hurt him. The doctors are optimistic that this strong little man will soon be feeling much better.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Exact Match

Tyler is still being kept at the Children’s as his sores have not yet subsided. He has improved slightly in the last few days, and has managed to take a few sips of juice here and there. On Thursday, the doctors blessed us with the news that Bethany is an exact match with Tyler, and thus will be able to provide healthy bone marrow for a transplant. Although we are still seeking information on the topic, and attempting to understand the details involved with the procedure, we are relieved to receive such wonderful news. Now, we simply wait for Tyler’s system to bounce back from this treatment, and wait for further instruction. Please pray for Darla, Mark and Bethany at this time to give them the strength, energy and perseverance to continue in this exhausting routine. Most importantly, pray for Tyler. He is such a strong little man. I cannot put into words the strength and courage that he is demonstrating while dealing with this excruciating and frustrating pain.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

May 23rd Update

Today marks the 8th day that Tyler is at the Children’s. His stay has been lengthened as he has been having difficulty excreting the chemo from his system and has thus developed many canker sores in his mouth and throat. This painful condition has made speaking, eating and swallowing, in general, very difficult. His Lumbar Puncture went well yesterday, but we will receive further results further on in the week. Although we are not sure when Tyler will be released from the hospital, we are confident that he is in the best of hands.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Small but Mighty

Tyler has been in the hospital for his three day treatment, and seems as though he will not be released until at least Monday. He received a transfusion yesterday to give his little body a boost, but everything is considered to be ‘normal’. He has been busy catching some shut-eye and watching some movies. His visitors must once again be limited as his little body is once again susceptible to any germ that it encounters. He now has a trademark shirt that truly sums up the essence of his courageous spirit, “Small but Mighty”. Keep those prayers and good thoughts coming!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Awesome Results

What a busy day Tyler had today! First stop was the Children’s for his blood tests which yielded awesome results. His counts proved to be the best yet, and thus his 3 day round of chemo will be started early. Tyler went to visit his buddies at school during lunchtime, and was very excited to see so many familiar and friendly faces. Today, he was thrilled to receive a beautiful book on pirates from Sharman. Thanks a bunch, Sharman! This will really help Tyler pass the time, and was extremely nice of you! Tomorrow, Tyler must visit the hospital in the AM for his Lumbar Puncture, followed by a return to the hospital at 9 pm for a three night stay for his chemotherapy treatments. We are very thankful that his blood tests were so good, but are now anxious to get this round of treatment out of the way!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

May 12th Update

Tyler’s blood tests showed that he is now more susceptible to germs and must remain close to home so as to avoid picking up any viruses. Visitors have to be limited, so Tyler and the Wallis Clan spent a quiet Saturday at home enjoying their time together. Their day started off with delicious omelets, and Tyler convinced his Dad to help him tidy up his room. He has so many toys and gifts to organize that his room now resembles Toys R Us! He had a good day today, and fell asleep before 9 o’clock. He is slated to return to the hospital next weekend for another round of treatments.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nanny's Birthday & McHappy Day!

Today we celebrated Nanny’s 65th birthday and McHappy Day! Tyler spent the morning on the deck challenging Darla and Nanny to a game of Chutes and Ladders. It got mighty hot, so Tyler requested that he be placed inside on the chesterfield, to observe the daily going-ons of the Wallis household. Still refusing to take any naps, Tyler stayed awake, and seems to enjoy talking now more than ever. The whole family visited for dinner to celebrate Nanny’s big day. Poppa made fish, and Tyler finally had some tzatsiki that he had been craving for days. Mark bought Tyler a fancy pair of gloves to use with his wheelchair so his hands don’t get dirty when he steers his new set of wheels. Tomorrow, the gang takes a trip to the Children’s to get Tyler’s blood pressure routinely checked and to check on his catheter lines, as the one in his leg popped out last night. Thanks to Tyler’s nurses and their phone skills, this awkward situation was corrected.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Visit To Hospital Friends

Today the Wallis family made their familiar trek to the Children’s for their 8 AM appointment. Tyler fasted last night, and arrived to their early appointment in hopes of attaining encouraging news. Needless to say, Tyler was not able to have his Lumbar Puncture today, as he received his anti-blood clot medication too close to the procedure. We will wait to hear from the hospital for another appointment. The trip wasn’t totally wasted as Tyler got to visit his friends on the 8th floor, and left with another armful of gifts. Thank you to Maria’s congregation for the thoughtful gifts and encouraging words. Thank you once again to all the staff and parents at St. Lawrence Elementary for their support and generous meals. Thank you to everyone who is praying and keeping Tyler in their thoughts.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Craving Fish

Tyler went for an appointment this morning at the Children’s. His blood tests come back with very positive news with regard to his blood counts. He is still extremely tired, and managed to fall asleep at 7 this evening, as he was fighting keeping his eyes open most of the day. Poppa came for a visit, and Tyler requested that he make fish as he was craving fish. Darla noted that throughout her pregnancy with Tyler, she too craved fish! Tyler has an 8:00 AM appointment tomorrow for yet another Lumbar Puncture. He is such a brave little soul, and even reported that this procedure doesn’t hurt. Please pray for good news, as he will only get these results later on in the week.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

May 5th Update

What a difference a week makes. Tyler has completed his first 5 day installment of intense chemo and has been given a pass to stay at home this weekend. Darla and Mark have been armed with a truck load of medicine, including injections, pills and liquids, to keep Tyler on his path to healing. Yesterday, we went for a walk so Tyler could try out his new set of wheels; a custom fitted wheelchair. He decided to spin his wheels as fast as he could, and then throw his hands up in the air, mimicking enjoying an amusement park ride. Tyler also spent some time playing an adjusted game of baseball in his backyard. By day's end, he could hardly keep his eyes open, but refused to rest so as not to miss any of the action. Monday brings another trip to the hospital, with blood tests to evaluate Tyler’s little body’s progress.