Monday, June 25, 2007

June 24th Update

A date has been set for Tyler to commence his treatments leading to his bone marrow transplant. Starting on July 3rd, Tyler will be shuffled between the General (for his radiation treatments) and the Children’s (where he will receive chemo, a room, and their extra TLC). The transplant itself, will occur on the tenth of July, if all goes as planned. At this point, Tyler is spending much of his time sleeping, and has been vomiting in an expected response to one of his medications. He asks to be put in bed, as he is still unable to walk, but is regaining much of his strength in his upper body. As Darla was putting him to bed the other night, he told her that it should be expected that he is so tired, as his “body works hard”. On Friday, we celebrated the beginning of summer with a cake, but were also celebrating Tyler’s start of his new life. We are hoping for a quiet week this week, as we are aware that, for the next few months, Tyler will need extra time to recover from his procedure. At this point, we see but glimpses of our old Tyler, with his smiles, jokes and squinting, thoughtful eyes. His trustfulness that his (and your) prayers will be answered is insurmountable. His patience for his weaknesses and uncomfortable situation is overwhelming. Please continue praying for this brave little boy.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Busy Week

Once again, this week has proven to be a busy one for Mark, Darla, Tyler and Bethany. On Monday, Bethany had an appointment with the psychologist at the Children’s to once again discuss her role in the transplant. On Tuesday, Tyler had an appointment at the Children’s for some tests, and then he had to be taken to the General to begin the process for his radiation treatments. He was weighed and his picture was taken in order for the specialists to determine his dosage and plan of attack. Tyler was then returned to the Children’s for another appointment, but was asked to return on Wednesday for more tests. Thursday, he has another appointment for blood tests. The test results from last week have determined that Tyler’s body is free of any Cancer cells. The doctors were hoping for this result as it will be very helpful when he undergoes his transplant. He is still in good spirits, but is understandably exhausted. Darla and Mark are also exhausted. Thank you to everyone who checks this webpage, and keeps Tyler in their prayers. He is such a strong, caring, sensitive little man, who often takes a moment to say a prayer for others in need.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

June 13th Update

The Wallis household has been an active place these days, especially with Tyler at home. On Monday, Bethany met with Dr. Mitchell and a psychologist to discuss and help her understand her role in the bone marrow transplant. On Tuesday, Tyler had his lumbar puncture, as well as a bone marrow aspiration. These results will be available later on in the week. Darla and Mark were asked to return to the hospital to meet with Tyler’s doctors to discuss the course of events culminating in the transplant. The doctors are looking at Bethany’s donation of her healthy bone marrow, to her little brother, to occur on July 10th. Tyler will have to receive radiation treatment coupled with chemotherapy in order to make his body ready to accept Bethany’s bone marrow. The process leading up to, as well as recovery time, will take approximately six weeks. Darla and Mark had many of their questions answered, as there was so much information made available to them. Today, Bethany went to the Children’s for a check-up that gave her the green light for her donation. As it was Darla’s birthday, we celebrated by getting together as we have much to be thankful for. The next few days should be quiet, as there are no doctors appointments scheduled for Bethany or Tyler. Please continue to pray for both Tyler and Bethany.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

June 9th Update

Tyler checked out of the hospital this afternoon, just in time for the traffic jam on the Champlain Bridge. After over an hour in the car, he finally made it home. He spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine, and watching Bethany cool off in the pool. He was extremely tired this evening, but was looking forward to a good night sleep in his own bed. He is scheduled for a three night stay at home, if everything goes well. Tyler will have another lumbar puncture on Tuesday, so we will wait and see what the doctors decide for him then. We are thankful and happy to have Tyler at home.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

June 6th Update

Tyler’s room was an active place today! Lots of people visited from his physiotherapist to the arts and crafts technician. He was very energetic, watching television, cutting and coloring, sitting up in his chair and talking up a storm. His treatment started in the late afternoon. If all goes well, Tyler will be allowed home this weekend, for an extended stay. He didn’t rest all day as he finally had the opportunity to spend the day playing like the little boy that he is.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tyler the Trooper

Tyler was granted another day pass yesterday that allowed him sometime at home with his cousins, Nanny and Poppa and his aunts and uncles. We were hoping that he would be allowed home again today, but he is in need of another blood transfusion, which takes about 3 hours, so Tyler just can’t fit a visit home into his busy schedule. The doctors will begin his next Chemotherapy treatment tomorrow (Wednesday), and are looking to perform the bone marrow transplant at the beginning of July. We are praying that this round of treatment is less harsh on Tyler’s digestive system, thus producing less sores in his mouth and throat. When asked if something hurts or if something is bothering him, Tyler rarely complains. He is such a trooper!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Day Pass!

At the very last minute this morning, the doctors gave Tyler a day pass to enjoy. Upon leaving the hospital, he paid a visit to the church to see some very familiar, supportive faces. He then returned home to take advantage of his day. We took a trip to the park, and spent some time playing with friends. He had to be back at the hospital between 8 and 9, but his day of fresh air truly tired him out. It looks as though his next treatment will overlap with this hospital stay, but we are very thankful that his “counts” are good. His immunity is high, and he is looking very well. His little body is still producing more mucus than usual, and food just doesn’t taste the same, but Tyler really is taking all these inconvenient side effects in stride. Thank you to all who have shared stories of survivors. We are keeping our eyes on the path ahead to recovery, no matter how long it takes.