Saturday, February 23, 2008

February 23rd Update

It is hard to believe that this time last year, my family's life was forever shaken. Tyler is now recovering so well, that small glimpses of his illness can only be caught if you really look for them. He is still on his feeding tube at night, but his appetite, energy, and boyish ways have return to their pre-Leukemia level.

When I look back on things, and reflect on all that we have been through, I feel that this test has made us all stronger people. We have drawn comfort from each other, and are now even more thankful for the little things that life has to offer. To simply be able to go to the mall, or a restaurant, is now an activity that we no longer take for granted. The freedom from the confines of the hospital, to a more relaxed outlook on Tyler's recovery. The daily stress of worrying about the extremes of Tyler's illness, has now become a shadow of our day, yet this worry will never truly subside. We have been made more aware that illness can happen at any point, and to take everyday as it comes.

Tyler has experience the loss of his first tooth. He was very excited to call and tell me all about his loss and to inform me that he wanted the Tooth Fairy to leave him some cash but to leave his tooth. When I suggested that he should perhaps leave her a note, he interjected that he intended on writing her an email at!

Tyler has been asked to be the poster boy for the "Walk the Night" fundraiser in September for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. As our team came in first place for fundraising with Tyler at its helm, I am sure that the Society has made a great choice in representing this worthy cause.

This evening, Tyler and Mark have gone to the Bell Center to witness Tyler's first Canadien's game. Tyler received these tickets from Randy Tieman and was hoping to see him at the game. He suggested that perhaps he could call me in the midst of this event, to give me an update on things. I have yet to hear from him, as I am sure that he is mesmerized by his grandiose surroundings.

A trip to Mexico is in the works for the Wallis and Roach families. Nanny is also planning to join them on this much needed vacation. Clearly, a restful week is much deserved.

Please continue to pray for health for Tyler. We are aware that relapses are very common, but hope that we can dodge some bullets along Tyler's journey. We have come a long way in the last year, and are especially thankful for all of you who joined us on this extremely agonizing nightmare.