Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 19th Update

Tyler's summer has been advancing at a quick pace. We often take a step and reflect upon the events that were taking place this time last year. As I squeezed Tyler in a tight bear hug the other day, I told him that this year, on his birthday, I will be able to hug and kiss him as much as I want...and maybe even tie his socks together! He is looking very healthy and seems to have overcome his last infection. He still visits the Children's a few times a week for tests and checkups. There is also a date set to have his port removed from his body.

I find it humorous to report that Tyler had a hearing test this week, due to concerns from his teachers as well as his parents, that he seems to 'miss' some of what is being said. Needless to say, he passed his hearing tests with flying colours and I contend that perhaps his hearing is indeed selective...

Tonight, the Wallis clan has headed down to their trailer in the states (AKA the Golden Falcon) for a long overdue evening getaway. Hopefully Bethany, Tyler, Mark and Darla will be able to enjoy some family time, and be able to simply unwind a bit.

One day at a time. We are thankful for our blessings. Keep those prayers and good thoughts coming!