Wednesday, November 28, 2007

November 27th - No News Is Good News!

Tyler has been doing fantastic this past week. He visited the Children's last Tuesday and was given the best news that we could hope for, Bethany's bone marrow is working 100 percent in his little body. Her healthy blood cells are allowing Tyler's system to bounce back. Tyler is doing a great job walking on his own, and has all but abandon his wheelchair and walker. He managed to visit Santa Claus at an outdoor mall so as to avoid any potential germs.

We had fun poking fun at him, and teasing him that his vacation from school is almost over! The doctors have forecasted that if things continue on this path, he will be back at school in January. Bethany finds this particularly amusing as she is now the sole child leaving the household in the morning.

The entire Wallis family will be on the CTV telethon on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. There will be a segment dedicated to Tyler's struggles, and will document his journey through his bone marrow transplant to his time at home. I am looking forward to being able to compare Tyler's present state to the images just after his operation. I can guarantee that I will be watching this touching tribute through my tears.

Please continue to pray for our entire family. We still have many obstacles to face, but are thankful for the prayers, kind words and support that we are so fortunate to have surrounding us.

Friday, November 16, 2007

November 15th Update

Things are slowly returning to their usual path at the Wallis household. Tyler has been issued a few weeks free of any scheduled hospital visits, and he continues with his home schooling schedule. He has made great strides towards walking on his own, and even took some steps without his walker today. His sense of humour has returned to his little boy ways, with his desire to annoy Bethany returning in full force. We are so thankful to hear his laugh, and his singing every morning when he wakes up. Darla and Mark are amazed by the fact that upon rising in the morning, Tyler is the first to wake and starts everyone's day with a song. His voice truly is music to our ears.
Please continue to pray for our little man.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

November 6th Update

Halloween was absolutely spectacular. The weather permitted Tyler to spend the evening outside, meeting people who had read about him in the local paper, or who had seen him on TV. He is now a local celebrity, with most people calling him by name. He was able to go door to door, as Dr. Maya chaperoned his trick or treating. Tyler had a change box for the Children's Hospital and was more focused on getting spare change than Halloween candy. When the house owners opened their doors, he was sitting in his wheel chair, in his Spiderman costume asking, "Avez-vous des sous?". We received over a thousand trick or treaters, and were complimented many times over on Shaughn's amazing creativity. We have been blessed with Tyler being home for the last two weeks, but he will soon return to the Children's for his routine tests. He is still very weak, and still unable to walk, but we are hoping that he is able to see his physiotherapists more than once every two weeks. The little man is still exhausted, asking to go to bed most evenings. We often have to remind ourselves that although he has been through more than most adults, he is still just a little boy. Please continue to pray for his healing. Thank you again for your kind words and support.

Thursday, November 1, 2007