Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 19th Update

I have been extremely reluctant to sit down and record my thoughts on the daily events of Tyler's life. Although we have much to be thankful for, the shadow that is now in place over our hearts limits our emotions. We are all struggling to get through our lives since the loss of our Aden, and as anyone who has been through tragedy knows, the world continues to turn, life continues to progress, regardless of what one individual family is experiencing. Tyler has returned to school full-time. He very clearly stated that he was not looking forward to having to return to school and was slated to gradually increase his hours over the course of a few weeks. However, his transition has proven to be an easy one. The first day of his return, he chose to extend his school day by a few hours, and ended up returning full-time his first week back. Mme. Annie (his teacher) has been an invaluable person in his life. We cannot thank her enough for her dedication to the teaching profession. She goes beyond the call of duty, sending a package home the weekend before Tyler's return to school, with pictures of his classmates, and an explanation of what was being covered in class this term. Thank you, Mme. Annie.

Tyler has been going for his routine tests, and things seem to be remaining on course. His body was fighting a cold during his last round of blood tests, and therefore he showed a low white-blood cell count. He will be returning to the hospital this week, to make sure that things have returned to their "normal" state following his cold.

The Wallis Family hit the radio-waves last Friday sharing their experiences for the Children's Hospital Radiothon. We are extremely proud of their ability to recount their fearful experiences. Tyler and Bethany definately stole the show! I hope their efforts encouraged many to donate to this wonderful cause.

My family and I would like to thank everyone who has made us meals, sent cards and donations, and who have shown us support throughout the last few weeks. Your love and concern has kept us moving at a time when we would have simply shutdown. Please pray for Tyler,as well as the rest of us, to help us find the strength to deal with this terrible tragedy.