Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 30th Update

Tyler has been having a busy time simply being a little boy. He has regained most of his motor control, but still has some difficulty moving around. With this being said, everytime he looses his balance or trips, he gets back onto his feet and continuous his task. He truly is a real little boy.

I had the pleasure of seeing Tyler's doctor, Dr. Mitchell, a few weeks ago. This was the first time I had been in both of their presence following Tyler's transplant. I was overcome with emotion and realized that this man represented so much to us. Although part of a team of doctors working with Tyler's case, Dr. Mitchell represents such a powerful force in keeping Tyler alive and (almost) healthy. I realize that everyone in this world was born at the hands of a doctor, but this man earnestly was a driving force behind Tyler living. How can you ever place a value on what this man has done for us?

Tyler visited the Children's on Monday and was given a pass to remain hospital free until the end of June. We arevery thankful to have obtained such results. I joke with Tyler that when he has hospital tests, that he needs to make sure he studies. On Monday evening, he stared at me blankly as I told him, "You must have studied hard for your tests today as you did really well on them!

CTV was welcomed into the Wallis household this morning to do a short segment on Bethany and Tyler. It is supposed to air this evening at 6 pm. Following his interview, Tyler had a visit from his masseuse for his routine massage. He really enjoys relaxing at the hands of his masseuse.

Keep those prayers coming as we still have a long road to recovery...