Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An Extra Special Halloween!

Sean has been working extremely hard to put his finishing touches on Tyler's Halloween display. It really is sensational, and we will all be partaking in assisting Sean and Maya in making the evening extra spooky. Tyler is very excited and has been wearing his Spiderman costume all day. Pulse news has been at the Wallis household today, to get some footage, and they are hoping to have a segment on the local news and maybe even the national news. Keep your TVs tuned tonight, and please come stop by if you can make it out to our area. There will be warm coffee, but the best Halloween gift of all will be having Tyler taking part in the whole thing. It is so awesome to have him, Darla, Mark and Bethany home. Keep those prayers coming!

Friday, October 26, 2007

October 26th Update

We have been blessed with the news that Tyler will not have to return to the Children's for another two weeks. He has been spending three days a week being tutored by his new tutor, and has returned to his little boy ways. The house is looking spectacular as Halloween is quickly approaching, and Sean is putting the finishing touches on his highly acclaimed masterpiece. Hopefully we receive lots of trick or treaters to partake in this fantasy landscape. Tyler is still using his walker, and is struggling to walk, but we are confident that he will be running around independently soon enough. Baby James managed to pull Tyler's feeding tube out today, but Tyler ate and drank very well on his own. Mark is capable of putting the tube back in, and Tyler assures me that it is not a big deal. Please continue to pray for Tyler's strength.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 16th Update

Tyler has spent the last week catching up on some much needed sleep. It seems as though his little body realizes that it can finally relax, and get back to feeling comfortable in his own home. He has developed a routine that now includes having a teacher from the school board visits him three times a week, for about an hour and a half each visit. He is excited to be involved with a new activity. Sean, Maya and their three boys have spent three evenings at the Wallis house, decorating the front lawn with Halloween decorations. They have done a spectacular job displaying spooky paraphernalia like spider webs and witches’ cauldrons. Both Tyler and Bethany (and Mark too!) are very excited about this festive display. It is very well lit at night, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should take a drive over to sneak a peek. Tyler is still being fed most of his nutrients through a feeding tube at night, but his appetite is creeping back slowly…somehow I bet it is back in time for Halloween! Please pray for the little man, as he has his routine check-up tomorrow. Hopefully he won’t have to visit the Children’s again until next week!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October 10th Update

The past week has gone by very quickly, with Tyler settling into his new daily routine. He is still being fed by a feeding tube in the evening, but Tyler is gaining his appetite slowly. He is asking for certain foods, and sometimes his eyes are bigger than his stomach, but at least the desire to eat is there. He still has a strong aversion to chocolate, which is a common complaint to individuals who have received chemotherapy treatments. Tyler, Mark and Darla spent the morning at the Children’s to run some routine tests on Tyler, and his results could not have been better. He appears to be producing his own, healthy bone marrow, and although most patients are required to return for checkups every few days, Tyler’s results have permitted him to return in one week’s time! This is wonderful news. I am confident that Tyler will be busy playing with Bethany, as they seem to be catching up on time lost. Please continue to pray for his healing, as he is still not walking on his own, and has a bit of a ways to go to his full recovery. However, he is certainly on the right path.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tyler Is Finally Resting In His Own Bed!

Yesterday morning, Tyler was granted a day pass and Darla and Mark were informed that Tyler would be discharged today. You can imagine our surprise, as we never imagined that he would be home before mid-October. The Wallis’ spent the morning clearing out Tyler’s hospital room, and thanking the wonderful staff that helped Tyler on this road to recovery. Darla reflected that she felt as though they were leaving for a trip, as the nurses waved goodbye to Tyler as they excited the automatic doors on the Oncology floor.

It was wonderful to see Tyler getting ready for bed in his room, and taking a bath in his own bath tub. Tonight, I am comforted with the knowledge that, after 8 weeks in the hospital, Tyler is finally resting in his own bed, with his Spiderman sheets. We have yet so many things to be thankful for this weekend. Please continue to pray for our little man as he gains his strength and is slowly regaining his desire to climb and play. He is slowly returning to his active, little boy ways.