Monday, April 30, 2007

Inspirational Attitude

Tyler’s treatment regime has begun once again. This treatment will last for 5 days and will be an intense one. His immune system will once again become susceptible to anything that comes its way, so his visitors will have to be limited. He is still being such a strong boy, and remains interested in everything that is going on. His old fashioned manners bring a smile to many, as he thanks the nurses for completing the slightest tasks for him. His attitude and courage are inspirational as we are so aware that his little body must be feeling so ill.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Focusing on the Goal

Darla received the call from the doctors this morning and it appears that Tyler needs another round of chemotherapy. His treatments will be intensified and will start tomorrow. This is incredibly difficult news to receive, but we are gaining strength from focusing on our ultimate goal; Tyler’s return to good health so he can once again resume living the life of a normal 5 year old. Please keep praying for our little man.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


We held our breath as another Thursday arrived. Although we waited all day for the slightest news on his lumbar puncture, there was no news at all to be had. The doctor will call Darla tomorrow at home with the results. Tyler seems to be gaining more energy in his voice, but is still exhausted by the end of the day. He is awake at 7 in the morning, ready to face the day, but refuses to rest until bedtime. He is at home tonight, sleeping under his Spiderman sheets, looking forward to a new day tomorrow. We are praying that his test results come back with good news.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Night At Home

With every passing day, Tyler is developing more physical strength. Tyler’s physiotherapist had him ride a tricycle in the halls of the oncology floor to strengthen his leg muscles. He is capable of taking a few steps on his own, and even enjoyed a massage today. This morning, he had a lumbar puncture, and we anxiously await the results which will most likely take until Thursday. Last night, and tonight, the Wallis family unit was reunited under one roof, as Tyler was discharged to sleep at home for the first time in 7 weeks. By the end of the day today, Tyler was extremely exhausted. Being the stubborn little man that he is, he refuses to sleep during the day, as he doesn’t “take naps anymore”. I am sure that his former daycare teachers can attest to that one!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Piñata Time

Tyler enjoyed another day at home today. Darla drove up to get him around lunch time and he spent the day lounging about, talking to visitors. He was very excited to see his girlfriend, Dulcy, Christopher and their baby Jaden. After supper, Tyler finally got to break the piñata that Auntie Kara bought for Bethany and him, to celebrate Tyler’s day pass. Bethany, Mackenzie and Baby James were on hand to help swing the bat to release popcorn, jubejubes and other treats. Tyler now refers to the Children’s as his “hotel” and doesn’t seem to mind returning to his room for the night. The nurses and doctors, as well as the housekeeping staff play a very important role in his life. Thank you to all these special people that brighten Tyler’s stay!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Visit Home!

Tyler had the opportunity to spend eight hours out of the hospital today. He decided that he would like to go home and spend some time enjoying the gorgeous weather and sunshine. When I arrived at dinner time, Tyler was in his backyard on his swing, basking in the rays of the setting sun. We had a delicious dinner, at the family table, with Tyler finally sitting in his usual seat next to Nanny. This was Tyler’s first time out of the hospital since he was admitted seven weeks ago, so it is understandable that he was exhausted by the end of the day. Tyler looked forward to returning to “his place” at the hospital. When he arrived, there was a special note from one of his friends at the hospital, waiting for him on his pillow. We are all very thankful for his day pass, and look forward to seeing him at home again soon.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Update and Thank You's

Tyler’s appetite is insatiable! He is craving lots of different types of food, and he just can’t seem to get enough. The doctors have mentioned that he may spend a few hours outside the hospital, as in going to the park, in a wheelchair, and we are hoping to get him outside for some fresh air and sunshine. We are nervous to stroll too far, so we will definitely stick close to the hospital when we decide to take him out.

We really would like to thank everyone for their generosity and support since the beginning of this. Thank you to everyone who has visited with Tyler, Mark and Darla. Thank you to St. Lawrence School for their support of cards, good wishes and awesome gifts for Tyler and for the love and kindness you are providing Bethany. Thank you to the girls at the Montreal General Hospital for giving Tyler a Nintendo DS, which is helping him pass the time. Thank you to Centennial Regional High School for their gifts and cards, and for lending Mark a laptop which has proven to be very handy. Mark has downloaded some pictures of Tyler onto the laptop to show the doctors. Thanks to Diane Cooper’s company for the digital camera to take these pictures. And a very special thank you to the parents of Tyler’s classmates for making wonderful meals, that have saved us so much time and energy. We are truly grateful.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April 17th Update

Tyler has had a superficial rash the last few days. The doctors told us it was caused by something outside of his body, like from soap used during one of his procedures. Although we don’t have a direct cause, it seems to be getting better.

Mark has been applying compresses, and Tyler tells us he is being wrapped like a Mummy. His fever and blood pressure have been stable and “normal” for the last two days, with no other side effects. He has been removed from other antibiotics that he has been taking, and has a bit more energy than he has had.

A physiotherapist visits him to help with strengthening his leg muscles. He can now take a few steps on his own, and is able to sit up for longer stretches of time. Day by day, he is slowly getting stronger.


Thanks to our friends Jamie and Karen, this blog has been assembled to keep all of Tyler’s friends and family updated on his healing process. It has been a scary journey so far, but his strength and courage has kept us all going.

Two weeks before his March Break, Tyler came down with a cold. Darla decided to keep him home from school, as any typical mother would. After a week of fighting off the cold, Tyler went to the doctor and was given medication for an ear infection. In the following three weeks, Tyler visited the emergency room twice, and the infectious disease clinic when at last we decided enough was enough. Blood tests were finally performed to uncover the nightmare that every parent fears.

Tyler was diagnosed with A.L.L., a treatable form of Leukemia, on March 13th, 2007. Once at the Children’s, he began his chemotherapy treatments, and was given further tests to determine what was going on inside his little body.

It has been 6 weeks since Tyler has been in the hospital. He has had two seizures and has had two stays in the ICU for observations. Although small in size, Tyler has proven to be an extremely resilient spirit. When we fear the worst, or are scared, this child has an overwhelming confidence in his doctors and in our prayers. He has reassured us numerous times that, “Lots of people are praying for me”.

We thank you for all your support and concern. For the love that we feel from you, and especially the love that you have shown Tyler. Although we do not know what tomorrow brings, we are confident that things can only get better from here.